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Masahiro 13012, Carbon 9 1/2 Inch (240mm) Gyuto

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Product Description

These Masahiro knives are made of virgin carbon steel as the name suggests.  Not as practical and higher maintenance than stainless steel knives; however, no knife gets as sharp and is as easy to keep sharp as a carbon steel knife.  These knives are definitely for the purist and for those who take great pride in keeping their cooking tools in top notch condition.  To keep your carbon knives performing to the best of their ability, it would be best for you to learn to sharpen them using a sharpening stone. 

These knives will develop a patina over time similar to cast iron cookware, so do not be surprised if they darken.  They can also rust if not dried thoroughly after washing.  Any rust can easily be removed with a metal cleaner like Barkeepers Friend. 

The edge of the carbon steel knives is 80/20 asymmetrical.  80 percent of the edge is ground on the right side of the blade and 20 percent is ground on the left side.  This asymmetrical edge is derived from traditional one-sided Japanese knives which are also 80/20 asymmetrical.  This traditional Japanese blade design results in a superior blade with a smoother action, placing the pressure on the item being cut rather than against the fingers of the hand you are holding the product with. 

The handle is riveted and has a full tang.  It is made of laminated wood.  The laminate is comprised of thin layers of stained black wood pressed in a matte polycarbide.

Product Reviews

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  1. Finally!!! Why did I wait so long???

    Posted by Chef Archer on 24th Mar 2019

    Ok, my first blade as a young cook was a carbon Sabatier, soon I went to Henkels, than Wustofs, all kinds of knives, eventually some Japanese VG10, which are still too hard and not easy to sharpen. Years ago I bought a 7in Masahiro Santuko, it was SO Sharp it put everything to shame!!!! But I needed a chefs knife.
    So years later I finally tried an expensive, $250 Japanese, layered, multi steel chefs knife, but it was too thin, too delicate and precious for hard restaurant work. I needed a bit more stability, not a laser thin blade. So I decided it's time to go back and I bought this Masahiro I couldn't be more pleased.
    Easy to sharpen, it stays Sharp, send and delicate but just rigid enough in the spine that I'm confident in every task. Also, I just switched from a 270 Guyoto to this 240 and I thinks its plenty big enough.
    I think it's time to buy a Sujihiki slicer, 240 or 270, than start selling off my other knives.
    Fyi, since its carbon, I put a nice patterned patina on it, so it looks great!

  2. Love carbon steel

    Posted by Bcope on 2nd Oct 2017

    Just what I wanted, a good quality carbon steel knife. good weight, balance. I am left handed so I reground to a 50/50 bevel then finished 1000, 6000 then stropped on leather. Razor sharp! took a few minutes on the buffing wheel to take down some of the sharp edges on the back of blade and bolster. Now its perfect.

  3. great

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2016

    Amazing quality and fast shipping by sointu. If youre a professional chef you must buy it

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