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Masahiro 13018, Carbon 10 3/4 Inch (270mm) Sujihiki

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Product Description

These Masahiro knives are made of virgin carbon steel as the name suggests. Not as practical and higher maintenance than stainless steel knives; however, no knife gets as sharp and is as easy to keep sharp as a carbon steel knife. These knives are definitely for the purist and for those who take great pride in keeping their cooking tools in top notch condition. To keep your carbon knives performing to the best of their ability, it would be best for you to learn to sharpen them using a sharpening stone. 

These knives will develop a patina over time similar to cast iron cookware, so do not be surprised if they darken. They can also rust if not dried thoroughly after washing. Any rust can easily be removed with a metal cleaner like Barkeepers Friend. 

The edge of the carbon steel knives is 80/20 asymmetrical. 80 percent of the edge is ground on the right side of the blade and 20 percent is ground on the left side. This asymmetrical edge is derived from traditional one-sided Japanese knives which are also 80/20 asymmetrical. This traditional Japanese blade design results in a superior blade with a smoother action, placing the pressure on the item being cut rather than against the fingers of the hand you are holding the product with. 

The handle is riveted and has a full tang. It is made of laminated wood. The laminate is comprised of thin layers of stained black wood pressed in a matte polycarbide.

Product Reviews

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  1. A good slicer

    Posted by ACF Cert Exec Chef on 29th Apr 2019

    I'm sure that the more I use it the better it will be, but its still relatively new to me. I'd prefer a slightly larger handle, like my Tojiro, but its quite good as is. I might end up sharpening it in a 50/50 profile, but time will tell.
    It might be that the 240mm would be just as good for many jobs, but for doing larger salmonids, large pieces of sword, tuna and halibut I think you might enjoy the larger. Fine blade, balanced and delicate. I wish they made a 200mm version, like a petty.
    I anticipate that this slicer will replace my others as my go-to knife,
    just be careful when you put it away!!!!!
    And if you want, try putting a stylish patina on the blade . I did and it looks very cool!

  2. Sharpest knife I've ever owned

    Posted by Joseph Kuhlmann on 27th Apr 2017

    Amazing balance. Light. Flawless blade. I use this knife to breakdown over 300 pounds of fish and it does hold amazingly well.

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