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About Sointu USA

Sointu USA has been selling professional Japanese kitchen knives since 1989.  Sointu USA is often credited with creating the US market for Japanese kitchen knives by introducing Global knives to the US market in that year.  Sointu USA developed Global knives into the first major Japanese knife brand in the US.  Sointu USA is currently the exclusive US distributor for Kasumi, Masahiro and Tamahagane knives.  Sointu USA sells to the best kitchen shops and ecommerce stores across the United States.

Sointu USA chooses it brands based on quality, comfort, utility and designMore importantly, though, Sointu USA only sells brands that are produced primarily by the factories whose names appear on the knives.  Sointu USA does not sell brands developed by Japanese marketing firms whose knives are almost wholly produced in subfactories in Japan or China.  By putting their names on the knives, our factories are invested in the quality of each knife that leaves their factory.

Sointu USA has been selling online since 2012.  Our unique position with regard to Global allows us to offer everyday low prices.  If you find a lower price on any of our products, we will either meet or beat it.