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It is indisputable that the sharpest knives are produced in Japan. The emphasis on sharpness in Japan is directly related to their cuisine and their frequent use of raw fish. It makes sense then that the best tools to sharpen knives are also produced in Japan.

MinoSharp produces a full range of products and accessories to sharpen knives. All of the products are easy to use, come with simple instructions and will sharpen your knives as well or better than they were when they were new.



These guide rails are designed to help maintain the correct angle for sharpening knives when sharpening with a whetstone. The angle is between 10 and 15 degrees.

The guide rails are sold as a set which includes a small and large guide rail. The small guide rail is suitable for knives with blade lengths less than 6". The large guide rail is suitable for knives larger than 6". The guide rails are lined with plastic to minimize scratching on the knives during their use. Any time you remove one of the guide rails from your knife, rinse and clean it thoroughly to remove any residue from the stone that may remain inside the guide rail. To further insure that no residue remains, it is recommended that you pull a clean towel through the guide rail after rinsing. If you fail to remove all the residue from the guide rail, the residue may scratch the knife the next time the guide rail is used.



There are 3 different kits, one containing a rough (240 grit) stone, one containing a medium (1000 grit) stone, and one containing a super fine (6000 grit) stone. Each kit contains a stone, a set of guide rails and a plastic holder which doubles as a storage box and a base to elevate the stone above a counter during sharpening. The storage box is ventilated so that the whetstone will dry if it is put into the box while still wet.



If ease of use is your primary consideration, one of these hand held sharpeners is the perfect sharpening tool for you. There are three different models, the MinoSharp, the MinoSharp Plus and the MinoSharp 3. All models can only be used for knives that are equally sharpened on both sides. They cannot be used for serrated knives or knives sharpened on one side like the Bunmei knives. All of the MinoSharps use ceramic wheels for sharpening.

The MinoSharp is our entry level model. It has two small sharpening wheels, one rough and one medium. We recommend this sharpener for light weight, thin blade Japanese brand knives that have been adequately maintained over time. If your knives have not been properly maintained and are completely dull, this sharpener will not be powerful enough to bring back a sharp edge in a reasonable amount of time.

What distinguishes the MinoSharp Plus and the MinoSharp 3 from the MinoSharp is the size of the ceramic wheels. The MinoSharp Plus and MinoSharp 3 have much larger sharpening wheels that will put a larger, longer lasting edge on your knives. These models can be used for both light weight, thin blade Japanese brands of knives and heavier, thick blade European and American brands of knives.

Like the MinoSharp, the MinoSharp Plus has two sharpening wheels, one rough and one medium. The are the exact same grits as the wheels in the MinoSharp only larger. Not only do the larger wheels create a longer lasting edge, they are also more powerful than the smaller wheels. This sharpener can return a sharp edge to a dull knife.

The MinoSharp 3 is our newest and most advanced model. It has 3 sharpening wheels, one rough, one medium and one superfine. However, on the MinoSharp 3, the rough wheel is much rougher than the rough wheels on the MinoSharp and MinoSharp Plus and is, therefore, much stronger. If you have ignored your knives for years and they cut more like a butter knife than a kitchen knife, we strongly recommend this sharpener. This sharpener also has the added benefit of a superfine sharpening wheel which allows you to polish your edges as a final step and make them even sharper.